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5 Excellent Reasons to Choose Us as Your Next Service Partner

Performing over 32,000 calibrations per year since 1972 & UKAS accredited since 1998.

European Instruments is the service provider you can trust to ensure accurate measurements within your organisation.

1) Confidence

We ensure our client’s measurements & equipment are compliant to the latest National and International Standards and so improving accuracy and efficiency in your process. Our service gives you confidence and trust in your equipment to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

2) Compliance

Compliance with industry standards, regulations and legislation is a pre-requisite to protect your customers, your business and your reputation. Whether you require the highest levels of pharma compliance or simply need to demonstrate traceability to international standards we offer a range of services to meet the compliance levels you require.

3) Preventative Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance and adjustments to your equipment ensure consistent and accurate results. Our technical department has access to a knowledge base that allows us to support an extensive range of equipment from all leading manufacturers. This enables our engineers to offer a diverse level of support unsurpassed by our competitors.

4) Process Integrity

To guarantee the highest quality and consistency of our certification validated procedures and computer software systems control our calibration and test processes. This ensures all certification and reports are delivered correctly and uniformly at all times. In addition all UKAS calibrations undergo a further stage of verification and are signed by an authorised signatory who did not perform the calibration.

5) Traceability

All calibrations and tests are performed using references with proven UKAS Traceability back to National and International Standards.