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Sartorius® Balances

Sartorius® Cubis® Range


Once again, Sartorius® sets the standards for all others to follow: Cubis®, the first series of laboratory balances that feature a completely modular design. User-configurable and customizable to changing applications.

Sartorius® Secura® Range


The new Secura® is a laboratory balance that does far more than set new standards in metrological specifications. Beyond its technical specs, Secura® also gives you the security and serenity of knowing that you have done everything right according to best practices to ensure the quality of your measurement results, compliance with regulatory requirements and your efficiency as well.

Sartorius® Quintix® Range


The new Sartorius® Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances: features, technology, ergonomic style, and, above all, the entirely new, user-friendly operating design of the Quintix® that helps make workflows much more efficient.

Sartorius® Practim® Range


You can’t go wrong with the new Practim®: a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practim® has everything you need for standard applications.

Sartoris Entris® Range


Receive the reliability and quality of a Sartorius® balance, but just pay for the features you really need. The new Entris® has been specially designed to achieve effective and reliable weighing results in your daily work. The easy and clearly structured user interface, with its logical key assignment and excellent readability, are ideal features for safe operation.

Sartorius® MA Range Moisture Analysers

Sartorius<sup>®</sup> MA100C Moisture Analyser

Moisture analysers featuring the ultimate in measuring accuracy and functionality. Flexible for use in any industry from simple applications to Research and Development and quality control.