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Returning Equipment For Repair

Weighing Equipment plus Other Types of Equipment

If you would like to return equipment back to us for repair:

  1. Complete a Workshop Application Form (PDF).  Note for health and safety reasons we cannot work on equipment where the customer declaration has not been completed.
  1. Pack equipment (according to the instructions supplied with workshop application). If the equipment is not adequately packed this can lead to further damage in transit.
  1. Send to:
European Instruments
Repair Centre
Shotover Kilns
Old Road

Terms of Service

A charge of £95* +VAT will be made to inspect the equipment. This will cover:

  • Inspection of the equipment,
  • Raising an estimate
  • Return carriage in the event the repair estimate is not accepted.

*If the equipment cannot be repaired the inspection charge will be reduced to £35 + VAT to cover the cost of return carriage back to you.

We will charge the inspection charge if the customer does not proceed with the repair.

We will not charge if the customer proceeds with the repair or they purchase a replacement balance.

Once estimated the customer has 30 calendar days to decide what to do. If we have not received instructions from the customer within 30 days we will commence arrangements to return the balance to them and invoice them for the inspection charge


We offer a fixed price repair service for pipettes (excluding spares): RepCal. For more information on this service visit our Pipette Return Page.